Grey’s Boot and Blade Restaurant


Our Story

The Boot & Blade opened in 1976 as the local hangout for fans of the Owen Sound Junior “B” hockey team, the Greys.  The name comes from Canada’s official national summer sport, Lacrosse (Boot) and our official national winter sport, Hockey (blade).

In 1989, Suzanne and Grant Cameron purchased the Grey’s Boot & Blade Restaurant and are still proud owners today.  Open seven days a week, the Boot & Blade Restaurant is more popular than ever.  We host hundreds of hungry customers every single day.

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Real People – Real Food


Pub Style

Real People

Real Food

While chain restaurants mainly heat things up, our meals are made the hard way, to provide the best flavour and freshness.  Have a request or dietary restriction?  No problem.  We make everything by hand, one customer at a time, so we’re happy to accommodate you.  Since we don’t believe in prepackaged food, like you get at a chain restaurant, we’re happy to provide a little more or a little less if that’s your preference.  Sure, making things from scratch takes a bit longer, and requires an experienced team in the kitchen.  But our regulars have told us over and over again that we’re doing it right.

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What Makes Us Different

The Place

To Meet and Eat

A Place

For Everyone

What Makes Us Different?  There aren’t many restaurants where you’ll see old-timers enjoying their coffee-club seated next to hungry teenagers fuelling up before exams, with their parents at the next table chatting about the latest scores.  The Boot & Blade is truly a multi-generational meeting and eating place.  Hey, when it works, it works for everyone!  And everyone is welcome here.

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